Diabetes Meaning, Cause, Treatment, Best Food Or Diet 2021

Diabetes Meaning, Cause, Treatment, Best Food Or Diet 2021
Say Good Bye To Diabetes

Suffering from diabetes is equivalent to a lifetime of isolation from food, requiring long-term medication or injections to control the condition. In the later stage, it is more likely to have multiple complications, such as blurred vision and feet. Ulcer, jaundice, kidney failure, hardening of the arteries, etc., can be said to affect a lifetime if you get sick.

Diabetes Meaning

Diabetes is also called Santosiness (ie polyphagia, polydipsia, and polyuria) in Chinese medicine. Patients often feel dry and thirsty, even if they keep drinking water, it will not help.This kind of water shortage is caused by insufficient in the body. "Yin" refers to the body fluids and body fluids in the body. Improper diet is the main cause of insufficient kidney yin. Eating too much high-fat, high-calorie, and carbohydrate foods can cause heat toxins to accumulate and damage the internal organs. If the internal heat persists, it will even dry up the body fluid. In addition to the heat, the body is often weakened due to overwork, which will eventually affect the endocrine system and cause metabolic disorders. As a result, insulin function is abnormal or insufficient secretion, making blood sugar too high. Sugar flows into the urine, causing the "diabetes" phenomenon.

The method of Chinese medicine to treat diabetes is to clear the heat and strengthen the body, thereby improving the endocrine system. However, no matter what kind of treatment is adopted, diet is of the utmost importance to diabetic patients. It is necessary to be restrained and avoid "fat and sweet" foods, and to learn to absorb balanced nutrition to keep the body strong. Although diabetes cannot be cured, moderate exercise, a pleasant mood, and good living habits can help alleviate the condition and prevent complications.

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Diabetes Treatment

The principle of diabetic diet "disease in the mouth" is well known, but did you know that proper diet is actually the best natural medicine, not only does it have no side effects, it is also the easiest to absorb by the body. For diabetic patients, diet therapy is especially important. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that diabetes is caused by long-term yin deficiency and heat, which can cause endocrine disorders and affect blood sugar. Therefore, the first principle of the diet is to avoid foods that can cause body heat, including fried spicy, and refined processed foods (such as ready-to-eat and canned foods). In addition, you should also abstain from eating high-fat and high-sugar foods (such as fatty meat, soft drinks, sugar water, cakes, and candied fruits, etc.).

Which Is The Best Food For Diabetic Patients?

On the other hand, people with diabetes should get adequate nutrition to keep their bodies strong. They should choose to eat more nourishing and low-calorie foods (such as sea cucumber, fish maw, abalone, mushrooms, fungus, etc.), high-fiber foods (such as brown rice, whole-wheat bread), vegetables and fruits (such as orange, strawberry), Cherries, blue strawberries and guava, but high-sugar fruits such as watermelon and banana should be avoided).

Good eating habits are also very important for health. The diet should be regular and quantitative, and the taste should be light. In addition, you should also reduce eating out to avoid eating too much greasy and high-fat foods. The following soup can help adjust blood sugar. Diabetic patients can drink more daily. It is also suitable for those without this disease. It has a preventive effect:

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